Performance Art


Sabita performance_
‘Avenue of Life’ a performance art during opening of Contemporary art Gallery at The Taragaon Museum.  Image Courtesy : Rabin Kaji Shakya


Black Eye performance art by Sabita Dangol
‘Black Eye’ performance art by Sabita Dangol during Expression Expedition 2018 by Luna Poets


'Unblown Flowers' performance art by Sabita Dangol
‘Unblown Flowers’ performance art by Sabita Dangol during Kathmandu Art Fair 2018


Dreams  Performance piece  Kolkata International Performance Art Festival (KIPAF), January 2017
‘Dreams’ Performance piece Kolkata International Performance Art Festival (KIPAF), 2017

‘Dreams ’ This performance retells the feminine perspective to the society. In this performance I have used different materials to concern my ideas. The materials like balloons depict the dreamy part of the life whereas I have used the water bottles in my performance to show the struggling part of the life. In-between the two sections…we are bound to connect our self within the process of the achieving the goal of life. It’s the reality that woman are more concerned to obtain their dream.

‘Re-Energize’ International Performance Art Festival organized by Bindu space for artist at The Taragaon Museum, 2016

Re-energize is the concept of my performance, performed during Kathmandu International Performance Art Festival held on 19th-22nd September 2016, the festival was organized by Bindu space for artists’ in association with NIPAF, Japan and with venue partner The Taragaon Museum, Boudha, Kathmandu.

In this Performance with my concept, I am  trying  to communicate the idea of energy that we everybody have with our self. The device charger has been used in the performance tied in the hair that retells the connection with the head means the external energy for wisdom. The performance in quite related with the ultramodern time that everybody is tied with the external energy. So this performance tries to sense that we should value our own energy.

cluster of notions_7 (2)
‘Cluster of Notions’ at The Taragaon museum, 2016

‘Cluster of Notions’ is the performance art piece by Sabita Dangol based on her paintings. Like wise she has been using the symbols of comb, hair etc in her paintings ,she is more trying to showcase her ideas out of the canvas throughout this performance. Basically she tried to depict  spontaneously  the overflowed notions through her actions and motions.

She has used the materials like jute black colored jute rope attached on her hair, combs, stones and clips. Through this performance she is trying to show the life aspects like tensions, problems towards the resolutions playing with the symbolical objects.

‘Blood Drops’ organized by Bindu space for artist at The Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu, 2015

‘Spiral Life’ at Pokhara Art Gallery , 2014

‘Searching for Light’ at Boarderland Resort, Sindhupalchok, 2015

‘Hope’ during Open House Exhibition of resident artist by Gallery M CUBE, 2014

‘ Woman Violence’ International Live Performance Art, Bindu space for artists’ at Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, 2014

About the process of the performance I walk towards the space and be seated in front of a gift and begin to open it. The process goes to reveal my action towards the bounded object (CHULESHI) inside the gift packet. And slowly handle the object to express the notions I have gather to perform.   The theme of this performance would be the state of mind that every female are been treated in this society and the whole perform retells the condition, inequality, burden, injustice, domination, tolerance and created boundary within this society. where as that is male or female. There should be the space for equality.

‘Feminine Force’ Kolkata International Performance Art Festival, India, 2014

I prefer to work in social and feminist issues. Throughout the mediums like painting, installations and performance. Being a lady, a represent of my own society. I have been tackled with the condition and situations of feminine role in the

society. Whereas women are compared like a thing and in the contrast women are also celebrated as divine power in the same society. To take a break in between the two condition of women’s role in this society, hence I need to say the society is almost dominated by the patriarchal system. I do not concern my theme to get over it but I want to raise the voice over the act against the violence, domination, misbehaving with the woman. I have gathered my ideas to express my notions through the piece of this performance.

In this performance I sat on the center of the composed area and a soft music, smell of incense blowing in the background. then my perform starts slowly and walk around to the red circle, walk slowly towards other circle as well. Then I light the candle and put dust color on my whole body and walk slowly towards another color and do it one by one in different color then slowly come out from the composed area. The theme of this performance is the state of mind that every female are been treated in this society.  The colors used in this performance extends the meaning of five elements of human body as well as the qualities inside the every human being.

free empression_ performance_sabitadangol
‘Free Impression’ at Lasanaa ,2013

This performance was  the outcome of ‘Free Impression Workshop’ on freedom of creation organized by Lasanaa in 2014. Throughout this performance I am trying to show the notions from my mind to show the state of freedom pouring myself with a bucket of colorful water .