Embraces on display at Image Ark

Nepali artist Sabita Dangol’s fifth solo exhibition, ‘Embraces’ is currently on display at Image Ark, Patan. The exhibition kicked off on Friday.

The paintings in ‘Embraces’ are the combination of imagination and realism expanded in the canvas that makes sense in the daily lifestyle. Dangol has expressed the positive notions of life in paintings through giving names such as ‘Affair of Heart’, ‘Combination of Thought’, ‘Towards quest’, ‘Intimacy’, ‘Idolize’ and many more.

The paintings also have a variation in the motifs. Throughout her paintings exhibited, one can notice the motifs such as comb, hair, birds, flowers, and fish connected and united to make a meaningful painting.

In ‘Affair of Heart’, the motifs such as a peacock and makkar (a mythical being) are on the heads of two people. And both heads are carried by the comb underneath. “The purpose of a comb is to untangle the tangled hair, so metaphorically speaking, it signifies resolving problems. This is why I have been using the comb as a symbol that solves the problem and brings harmony to various entities.”

MFA degree holder, Dangol is a Kathmandu-based visual artist. She is also a recipient of ‘National Fine Art Special Award’, ‘Kumari Honors of Fine Art’, and more. She has participated in various group shows and workshops including Nepali Magic, ‘Nepali Pasal’ and ‘Imago Mundi: Nepal Legends’.

The entrance for the ‘Embraces’ is free and one can also buy paintings if they like.  The exhibition continues till July 17.

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Interconnected Affection an art exhibition by Sabita Dangol

Aug 8: GG Machaan, Pulchowk, has the solo artworks of visual artist Sabita Dangol ‘Interconnection Affection’ on display. The exhibition, which started from Monday, explores Dangol’s conjugal life on canvas.

Dangol has dedicated the exhibition to her husband by showing deep interconnection with between the couple through her paintings. Among the artwork on display, ‘Symbiotic life’ is a reflection of her conjugal journey. The background also portrays the symbolic unification of two souls. It is represented by placing banyan and peeple leaves, showing the unification of Laxmi and Narayana as per Hindu mythology.

The artist has chosen comb as the central motif for the painting as it is meant to free tangled hair. With the comb, she has symbolically tried to represent ways of solving problems to encourage positivity and harmony. The exhibition comprises a total of 13 paintings and eight drawings and is slated to continue till September 5.

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Sabita Dangol born is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She holds MFA degree in painting from Tribhuvan University in 2013. She is the recipient of ‘National Fine Art Special Award’ during National Fine Art Exhibition hosted by Nepal Academy of Fine Art in 2017, Awarded from Camlin Art Foundation in Kolkata, India in 2010, ‘Kumari Honors of Fine Art’ by Kumari Publication and JCI in 2010, First prize in ‘creative week’ Tri-Chandra College in 2009, Second prize in Lalitkala Award by NFSU, Lalitkala Campus in 2008. She has participated in various group shows and workshops including Nepali Magic, featuring Art and Impressions from Kathmandu and Himalayas VA USA ,‘Nepali Pasal’ the Nepali Shop at Asia Kula Kula ring Asia Culture Center Gwangju South Korea, ‘Imago Mundi: Nepal Legends’ A Luciano Benetton collection exhibition at The Taragaon Museum, ‘Shraddhanjali’ Asia Level Art Show by Artist Association of Orissa India, International Watercolor Festival in Nepal , 8th, 9th &10th edition of Park Art Fair in Nepal, Botanical Illustration Workshop by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburg at Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center (KCAC), Graphic design workshop at Kathmandu University by Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar and Lasanaa, CRACK International Art Camp in Bangladesh, ‘Techne Kala: enriching art practices through research’ by Lasanaa, ‘Space+ Body as a material’ by Tony Schwensen KIPAF’17 Kolkata India, ‘Art for Nature’ Relief fund for Wildlife Victims RFWV & Eba at Panchase Kaski, ‘NCELL Kaala Jatra’ Paper mache masks making workshop by Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center, ‘ Free the life within you’ Painting workshop by Ted Barr at Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center. Recently, her painting has been selected in ‘18th Asian Art Biennale’ to be exhibited in Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh & also in the prestigious ‘The India Art Fair 2018’ at New Delhi representing Nepalese artist from Nepal Art Council Gallery. She has three solo exhibitions to her credit including ‘Insight of Foliate’ at Nepal Art Council Gallery, Kathmandu in 2012 , ‘…of life that does not freeze’ at Patan Museum, Lalitpur in 2013, and ‘Solemn Odyssey’ at The Taragaon Museum in 2016.




Participation in India Art Fair 2018

Participation in India Art Fair 2018 at NSIC Complex, Okhla, New Delhi, India
Nepal Art Council (NAC) at Kathmandu, Nepal has successfully attained with its third participation at India Art Fair 2018, 9-12 February 2018. The Nepal Art Council at India Art Fair builds on the success of past editions of each year. Nepal’s Participation at the fair is coordinated by Mr Sagar SJB RAna, Vice-Chairman, Nepal Art Council and curated by Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha, Curator at Nepal Art Council and have showcased the art works of 7 artists- Chirag Bangdel, Jeevan Rajopadhya, Mekh Limbu, Rabindra Shrestha, Sabita Dangol, Sujan Dangol and Sunita Maharjan.
India Art Fair has been a unique platform which is perfect for artists to showcase their ingenuity and for art connoisseurs and enthusiasts to appreciate it. Founded in 2008, the India Art Fair is not just an exhibition of art but a representation of a cultural community that continues to break new ground. This year the gallery has featured 78 galleries from 18 countries offering unrivalled access to new and exciting art from India and the region.  India Art Fair was organised with presenting partner BMW from Ferbruary 09-12 at NSIC Complex, Okhla, New Delhi, India.


12’th Annual Art Exhibition of SPECTRUM Members


An Odyssey of Art’ is an annual Group Art Exhibition organized by Spectrum, Art Association. The organization based in Kathmandu has been active on the platform of Nepalese Art with organizing art events such as art workshops, exhibitions, felicitation, interaction, art excursion program and so on since 2060 BS.

‘An Odyssey of Art’ Annual Group Art Exhibition Opening Schedule
Date: Mangsir 2, 2074 (18th November 2017)
Venue: Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, Kathmandu
Inauguration Time: 1:00 pm (sharp)

* The exhibition remains open from 18th November to 22 November / Mangsir 2-6 /10:00am to 5:00pm / Saturday to Wednesday



Sublime Conjugation’ an art exhibition

Couple Artist Sabita Dangol & Ishan Pariyar during the show.

 Sublime Conjugation‘ an art exhibition by a couple artist who has tied their knot and married one year before has come up with the beautiful depiction of their life journey with love-line. This time they are with their art work retells the feeling, love and compassion throughout their art work.We can feel harmony and intimacy in theirs paintings & drawings that has been executed. We can feel their life journey that they had started with the different culture and background. The difficulties, the wave & tides of life, we can witness the successful endeavor of their life journey.

Veteran painter/art writer Saroj Bajracharya stats following statement on their artwork ” What would have become of life if there was no unification? There would have been no life at all. We are in constant harmony with every entity that surrounds us, the air we breathe, the people we meet and even the food we take, all these things expand and confirm our being. And this unification is most realized when one is constantly reminded by a companion in a relationship of love and harmony. Young artists Ishan and Sabita through this two persons show are in a pursuit to convey such ideas of love and intimacy. The paintings and drawings in this exhibition shifts its viewers to a dream like realm, a state one elevates when one is understood and the person who understands is just in front you. Several group and solo art shows to their credit, the two artists envision and bring forth Sublime Conjugation, stories of love, being loved and the spirit lifted when one experiences love and relationship.”

The exhibition of drawing and paintings started from 3rd February till 7th February 2017.

(Text by : Ishan Pariyar )

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