Embraces on display at Image Ark

Nepali artist Sabita Dangol’s fifth solo exhibition, ‘Embraces’ is currently on display at Image Ark, Patan. The exhibition kicked off on Friday.

The paintings in ‘Embraces’ are the combination of imagination and realism expanded in the canvas that makes sense in the daily lifestyle. Dangol has expressed the positive notions of life in paintings through giving names such as ‘Affair of Heart’, ‘Combination of Thought’, ‘Towards quest’, ‘Intimacy’, ‘Idolize’ and many more.

The paintings also have a variation in the motifs. Throughout her paintings exhibited, one can notice the motifs such as comb, hair, birds, flowers, and fish connected and united to make a meaningful painting.

In ‘Affair of Heart’, the motifs such as a peacock and makkar (a mythical being) are on the heads of two people. And both heads are carried by the comb underneath. “The purpose of a comb is to untangle the tangled hair, so metaphorically speaking, it signifies resolving problems. This is why I have been using the comb as a symbol that solves the problem and brings harmony to various entities.”

MFA degree holder, Dangol is a Kathmandu-based visual artist. She is also a recipient of ‘National Fine Art Special Award’, ‘Kumari Honors of Fine Art’, and more. She has participated in various group shows and workshops including Nepali Magic, ‘Nepali Pasal’ and ‘Imago Mundi: Nepal Legends’.

The entrance for the ‘Embraces’ is free and one can also buy paintings if they like.  The exhibition continues till July 17.

Original text source : My City Republica

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